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ATLiance’s Content creation team consists of award winning video and music professionals. Our content creation team specializes in Lifestyle branding


The ATLiance Group provides solutions for marketing, AD deployment and multiple forms of digital distribution

The ATLiance Group specializes in content distribution through various multi-media properties. ATLiance’s current platform for distributing content is our custom, fully monetized, embeddable online channels. The channels broadcast continuous multi-media content and have real time social feeds for twitter, facebook and a secured chat box. An ATLiance Online Channel can be replicated to include countless genres.



The ATLiance Group merges media and technology to launch global campaigns. With extensive knowledge in social trends, data tracking and customer acquisition the ATLiance Group is able to directly target a desired market through content. After bridging the gap, ATLiance continues to foster relationships between brands and new consumers, to ensure retention. ATLiance Group uses multiple strategies to create digital solutions for the next generation of users.


ATLiance Group uses technology to deploy and track audience responses. Generated data is used to cross promote and acquire new following

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